Canoe Sailor, M. Vogel, 2210 Finland Rd., Green Lane, PA 18054 Subscription: $5

US International CanoesLetter, $10 year, Bill Beaver, 1209 VanBuren Circle, Annapolis, MD 21403


Messing About In Boats, 29 Burley St., Wenham, MA 01984-1943 [sample issue available] $24 -24 issues in one year


  • Sailing:

    Sailing Fundamentals. American Sailing Association, 13922 Maquesas Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 1984. It is used in accredited basic sailing courses.

    Practical Sailing, Tony Gibbs, Hearst Marine Books, 224 West 57 St., NY, NY 10019, 1982 with 111 pages, over 250 illustrations. This is an excellent book on learning to sail which is used in basic sailing courses. It explains theory and practice of sailing, knots, heavy weather and is written in a straightforward manner.

    Classic Small Craft You Can Build, John Gardner, Mystic Seaport Museum, Mystic, CT 06355, 1993. Chapter 4, Balancing the Rig of a Small Boat is well researched and thorough discussion on the subject.

  • Building

    More Building Classic Small Craft: How to Build 23 Traditional Boats. (volume 2 in his series of 4 building books), John Gardner, International Marine Publishing Co., PO Box 220, Camden, ME 04843, 1990. Chapter 6 gives details for building four canoes: Peterborough Plank, Rushton's Arkansaw Traveler, an R.J. Douglas cruising canoe and a 13 foot English cruising canoe.

    Understanding Boat Design, Ted Brewer, International Marine Publishing Co., PO Box 220, Camden, ME, 04843, 1994. 4th edition. This has a good review of hull shapes, line drawings, sail rigs, construction and safety. It is clearly written by a naval architect with an amateur small boat builder in mind. It has a wealth of basic information.

    Understanding Rigs and Rigging, Richard Henderson, International Marine Publishing Co., PO Box 220, Camden, ME, 04843, 1991. revised edition. This book provides details on hardware systems including masts, spars, standing rigging and running rigging and the finer points of rigs.

  • Sails

    The Sailmaker's Apprentice, by Emiliano Marino, illustrated by Christine Erikson, International Marine/ Ragged Mountain Press, PO Box 220, Camden, ME 04843, 1994. 464 pages with excellent illustrations. The glossary and appendices are also excellent. This gem provides thorough discussion of traditional types of sails for small craft, also, sail making, repair and maintenance, sail trim and fittings on a sail (hoops, cringles, for examples). If you plan to make or repair a sail, read this!

  • Ocean Crossings

    Alone At Sea, Dr. Hannes Lindemann, Klepper west, PO Box 130, Somerset, CA 95684, 1993 Two journeys across the Atlantic Ocean in a dugout canoe and a folding kayak.

  • Historical

    Rushton and His Times, Manley, Atwood pub by The Adirondack Museum / Syracuse University Press 1968

    Sailing Craft, Schoettle, Edwin J. Editor, Macmillan, 1937


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