American Canoeist, February 1884, by Ledyard

"I judge, from what I hear and read of canoeing, that all canoeists are not sailors, and those who are not would scarcely find the same enjoyment in the schooner as in the canoe, for in the latter they can paddle on the rivers or in any moderately still water, and until they have learned to sail can enjoy themselves immensely."

Canoes have been used for sailing since before 1870. This traditional style of sailing appeals to canoe sailors of all kinds who enjoy the simplicity and charm. Touring by sail canoe with camping gear is popular and you can paddle when necessary. Performance canoe sailors know that you do not need a separate boat for sailing. The novelty and challenge of canoe sailing provides a unique challenge!

Any type of canoe can be sailed whether it is a whitewater ABS canoe or even a birch bark canoe. With its narrow lines, a canoe offers speed, good upwind performance and maneuverability. You can buy a new sail and rig for less than $1000, however, most canoeists prefer to make their own rig and save money. Making a rig is a beginner's project; you need a minimum of tools and experience. Free rig plans are available. Rigs are also available for purchase from time to time, either used or new.

Who Are We? The National Sailing Committee of the American Canoe Association promotes sail canoe instruction, racing and cruising. Open canoe sailors form the National Sailing Committee of the American Canoe Association. New sailors are always welcome. We have sailors ranging in all ages, some with over thirty years of experience.

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