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         Canoe Sailor newsletter: $5 year, 2-3 issues; Pay to/send to C. Sutherland, 2210 Finland Rd, Green Lane, PA 18054


         Free ACA rig plans: send a SASE to Marilyn Vogel, 2210 Finland Rd, Green Lane, PA 18054


         The ACA Class Sail

A 44 sq. ft, sleeve, lateen sail with red numbers, designed for cruising. A great sail for both heavy air and light air. Comes with free rig plans for a simple wood or industrial aluminum tube rig. It is more efficient than some larger sails and is designed for the canoe.

Cost $328 plus shipping. Pay to: Marilyn Vogel, 2210 Finland Road, Green Lane, PA 18054 E-mail: canusailor@yahoo.com

Telephone: (215) 453-9084


         ACA Racing Rules - Sailing - www.americancanoe.org Top menu: What we do Competition sailing. Rules are posted in a pdf file.

Membership at the American Canoe Association
108 Hanover St. Fredericksburg, VA 22401


fax: 888-229-3792

         2009 - 2012 International and US Racing Rules

U.S. Sailing Association
P.O. Box 1260
Portsmouth, RI 02871-6015


         Mohawk Ultima hull, fiberglass, with temporary aluminum gunwales and temporary thwarts: $450,
Jim Botamer, Amherst, OH (216) 988-8580


         Gooseneck fittings and other small craft parts:

o    http://www.apsltd.com/ (Annapolis Performance Sailing) for small craft supplies

         See advertisements in Messing About In Boats magazine,

published 12 times a year,$32: MAIB, 29 Burley St., Wenham, MA 01984-1043

         Masts: Polyurethane Mass Track:

Composite Engineering
277 Baker Drive
Concord, MA 01742
(508) 371-3132

         Spars: ForteRTS http://www.forterts.com/


         Boat Supplies

o    West Marine Supply

o    Defender Industries

o    East Coast: sailmiami.com

From the Cooperstown, NY ACA Collection of C. Boyer Vaux 1880's in B/W calendar format: two calendars, many photographs by Seneca Ray Stoddard.

1995: includes Raf, Ruggles, Aurora, Marion, Lassie, Mac-2, If, Fly, Guenn

1996: Solid Comfort, Lurline, Isabel, Marion, Thetis, Blanche, If, Ramona, Charm, Mac-1, Uno and others

$5 each, available from Marilyn Vogel, 2210 Finland Rd, Green Lane, PA 18054



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