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This newsletter comes out two times a year, averaging 16 pages per issue. It is available by subscription and published by the National Sailing Committee of the American Canoe Association. A list of sailing canoes for sale is in most issues.

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As a sample, here's the current issue in Acrobat PDF format: Canoe Sailor #51, September 2017

Past Issues:

Canoe Sailor #25 Spring 2004
Finland National Championships 2003
ACA Rig for an Iceboat
Bronze Leeboard Handles
Bird's Mouth Spars
Trashed In the Mangroves
Myths About Race Rules
Canoe Sailing at Annual Rendezvous

Canoe Sailor #24
5 Meter National Championship Announcement
A Tribute to Farnham Dorsey and Tom Zuk, sail history
Dudley Murphy, sail history
Larry Haff Report from New Zealand
Minutes of National Sail Committee Meeting, June 2003
Proposed By-Law Changes
Division Race Results
Sugar Island Centennial Encampment

Canoe Sailor #23 February 2003
First ACA Class Championship in Finland, by Harri Luukkanen
Review of Canoe Rig, by Chuck Sutherland
2003 Centennial Celebration of the Sugar Island Encampment, by Marilyn Vogel
Remembering Steve Lysak, Marilyn Vogel and Ed Kattel
Summary of Race Rules Revision, by Bob Celifarco

Canoe Sailor #22 August 2002
Trailers for Canoes, by Bob Halsey
Mug Race 2002, by Bob Halsey
Race Results, Sail Canoes For Sale
Best Regatta Yet, by Dan Rieber
New ACA Racing Rules, by Bob Celifarco

Canoe Sailor #21 March 2001
Canoe Sailing in Sweden, by Hugh Collings
Cruising in Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands, by Bob Celifarco
Wally Foster, A Lifetime of Canoe Sailing
Messing Around with Jibs?, by Dan Rieber
Finland Adopts the ACA Class Rig, by Harri Luukkanen
Hugh Horton , by Marilyn Vogel

Canoe Sailor #20 Summer 2001
Building an ACA Rig, by Bob Hintermister
Cruising in Florida: Sand Hill Bay via Rookery Bay, Bob Halsey
West River Sailing Club sponsors National Championships

Canoe Sailor #19 Winter 2000-2001
Canoe Schooner, by Dan Rieber
Virtual Canoe Sailing, by Marilyn Vogel
Sugar Island First Timer’s Experience, by Mary Kranz
Ribs, Gunwales, and Sailing Canoes, by Chuck Sutherland
The Pass of Rubha Ban, by John Bull

Canoe Sailor #18 Spring 2000
Rig Builders
Split C Class Rig, by Dan Rieber
Canoe Igloo, by Dan Rieber
5 Meter Sail Plan, by Rod Mincher
Racing and Cruising, reprint from OCSG, Robert Blegier
Running Rigging, by Marilyn Vogel

Canoe Sailor #17 October 1999
Wow!. by James Satterfield
A New Rig, by John Upton
Installing A Mast Thwart and Step, by Jim Luton
Building A Strip Canoe, by Bob Halsey

Canoe Sailor #16 February 1999
Use Your ACA Class Sail to Ice Skate, Larry Zuk
Canoe Sailing in Finland, Harry Luukkanen
Canoe Sailing in South Africa, Bert Strydom
Building the CanoeCat, January 1968 American Canoeist
History of the National Sailing Committee of the ACA, 1980

Canoe Sailor #15 June 1998
Using A Router to Make a Leeboard, James B. Schroeder
Adding A Jib to the ACA Rig, Bob Halsey
Rocket Sleds, Russ Klein
Outriggers for Sailing in Scotland, Dave Poskitt
Sailing in Florida, Bob Halsey
The Mug Race, Bob Halsey
Hands-Off Steering, D. Cleveland

Canoe Sailor #14, December 1997
Canoe Sail Ice Boating
Building A Rudder; Building a Rudder Bracket
Off Season Boating and Hypothermia
Rules and Misconceptions

Canoe Sailor #13, July 1997
How To Build A Mast, two articles
Sugar Island flyer, book review on Dayton Canoe Club
Dixie Class rig
Race committee volunteer duties
Florida midwinter sailing

Canoe Sailor #12, March 1997
Sailing Canoe Races in England September 1996
Recipients of the Dusty Rhodes Lifetime Achievement Awards
Proposals for International Standards
Race Results

Canoe Sailor #11, Summer 1996
Self-Rescue British Style
Pictures of rudders brackets for wood and ABS canoes

Canoe Sailor #10, February 1996

International Nationals in Maine by Art Davison
International Racing by John Bull

To Subscribe to Canoe Sailor newsletter:

Send $5 payable and mail to
Chuck Sutherland, 2210 Finland Rd., Green Lane, PA 18054

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